Our Mission


Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad (SVRS) is a all-volunteer rescue squad serving the community since 1969.

Sperryville Rescue provides care to largest and most rugged geographic area in Rappahannock County, comprising the southwestern portion of the County, and including a substantial portion of Shenandoah National Park. In addition to our first due area, we assist other companies and neighboring communities including Madison and Culpeper Counties when requested.

We are proud of our response rate. During 2017, Sperryville Rescue responded to 97% of the 335 calls for which it was dispatched.

In addition to providing pre-hospital care for the community, we provide stand-by for many community events and participate in Rappahannock school’s DARE DAY program. Sperryville Rescue is a part of Fauquier Hospital’s Emergency Pre-Hospital Care System and our Operational Medical Director is the Director of the Emergency Department at Fauquier Hospital.

Sperryville Rescue transports the majority of its patients to Fauquier Hospital. We also transport patients to Culpeper Medical Center, Warren Memorial Hospital in Front Royal, and occasionally Page Memorial Hospital in Luray or elsewhere in exceptional situations. As a public service, Sperryville Rescue regularly hosts blood drives and open houses, welcoming potential volunteers and offering free health screenings.

The board of directors is comprised of Geraldine Payne (President), Peter Hall (Vice President), Judy Podlesney (Secretary), Mary Frances Lemat (Treasurer), Harold Beebout (Chief), Brian Ross (Asst. Chief), Judy Reidinger (Asst. Chief), Todd Summers (Lieutenant), Larry Grove, and Doug Schiffman (Community Representative). It meets quarterly.